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War Of Heroes: Lost In Space is a fan-made crossover video game [and later film and comic] between The Incredibles, The Walking Dead Game, Alien and Predator. The game takes place during an unknown year due to a massive Time Paradox in the world it takes place in. It involves The Incredibles [Note: Yeah, I know. Unbelievable, but there was Batman and Superman V Predator, so... Yeah...] as they find themselves trapped on the planet of LV-100, the brother planet to LV-223 and LV-426. The game also has Dutch [from the 1987 Predator]. Mike Harrigan [Predator 2] and Royce [Predators], along with Ellen Ripley [Alien-Alien Resurrection] returning to face the Xenomorphs. The game also has many characters from The Walking Dead Game, such as Clementine [Season 2 Version] and Lee Everett. The game is rated 18+ due to it's gore, violence, swearing and the simple presence of Predators and Aliens, despite having The Incredibles in it.

Cast and Characters

Raymond Ochoa as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr
Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
Danny Glover as Mike Harrigan
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch
Craig T. Nelson as Robert Parr/Mr. Incredible
Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/Mrs. Incredible
Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr
Lance Henriksen as Karl Bishop Weyland
Adrian Brody as Royce
Alice Braga as Isabelle


The game begins in Dash's first person point of view aboard the USS Axis, a ship sent to answer a distress call put out by a Weyland-Yutani signature. However, as soon as they are about to dock on the planet, a huge Predator Mothership appears out of nowhere and fires at the ship The Incredibles are on, and the ship is blown in half and The Incredibles are stuck in the ship's broken front half as a Xenomorph horde boards the ship out of pure opportunity and kills many troops aboard.

The Incredibles then run for a Dropship that is still docked in the ship as the horde of Xenomorphs chase them. Dash grabs Pulse Rifle and begins firing at the Xenos, managing to kill many. Just as all The Incredibles are about to be consumed by the Xenomorphs, Clementine and Lee enter, shooting some Xenos, and they all agree to band together to get to the dropship.

As soon as they reach the ship's entrance, they see a Praetorian Alien [a Queen-like Xenomorph, for those who haven't played AVP 2010]. They fight it, and Dash is almost killed as he is pinned down by the Praetorian, but it is blasted through the ribcage by a Predator, who is cloaked on the catwalk above. Dash looks at the Predator in a huge amount of shock, and the game switches to the Predator's Heat Vision Mode, and it zooms in on Dash and realizes he is holding a pistol. However, it waits and sees that Dash is fearful and not willing to fire his weapon, so the Predator spares him and cloaks again, with it's eyes glowing yellow as it runs through the door, going back to the Mothership.

The Incredibles, Lee and Clementine all get on the ship and they take off, but the Predator ship fires at them, and the shot misses. However, it does manage to create a blast wave that knocks the ship's engines out, which then causes the ship to go into the planet's atmosphere, and the ship crashes on the planet.

Dash then wakes up several hours later, and is alone in a mysterious room. However, he sees a huge Xenomorph in the vents, and he hides in fear. The Xenomorph nearly sees him, but he manages to hide. After a few more minutes, Dash is seen by the Alien, and it runs at him, but he is again saved by a mysterious person. This person is then revealed to be Ellen Ripley, who was on the ship. She is accompanied by Mike Harrigan [Predator 2] and Alan "Dutch" Schaefer [Predator 1987], who both had past encounters with the Predator. Dash, Ripley, Dutch and Mike then move out to find the other Incredibles, Lee and Clementine, but they are confronted by Royce and Isabelle [from Predators], and they have a brief stand off, but they agree to help Dash find his friends and family.

After about half an hour, Dash, Ripley, Dutch, Mike, Royce and Isabelle manage to find the other Incredibles, Lee and Clementine, who were hiding out in a Colony Building, which is owned by Weyland-Yutani. The entire team, now reunited, decide to get to the dropship codenamed Typhoon.

On the way, they stumble upon a native camp, where they find something that manages to shock them all, especially Dutch, Mike, Royce and Isabelle... A CRUCIFIED, DEAD SUPER-PREDATOR!!! After looking at the Predator in shock, the Marines that are escorting the team are quickly stabbed and gunned down by unseen enemies. The team then looks at the source of the shots, and Dash sees the cloaked Predators, and their eyes glow yellow. Dash, recognizing the eyes and cloak pattern, puts the pieces together and realizes that one of the Predators is the same one that saved him. Dash then yells "RUN!!!" as he fires at the Predators, who fire back. Dutch, Royce and Mike then jump into a river, followed by everyone else, and everyone lands in the river.

Dash and the others wash up on a river-bed, and Dash looks at Dutch, Mike and Royce and says "You know what it is, don't you?" as Dutch and the other previous Predator Survivors just avoid the conversation, however, Clementine sides with Dash, saying "He's right. You 4 know what it is... Don't you?" as Dutch just sighs and says "1987, Guatemala. I was sent with my team into a jungle, and we cleared out a Vietnamese village and took a guerrilla informant, Anna, with us. But we were stalked by an invisible threat, and it killed my team. I confronted it, killed it and nearly died in the process. Anna and I were the only survivors." and Mike and Royce tell of their encounters with the Predators. The team, now dealing with the Predators' return, head for the dropship.

When they get to the dropship, they see that it has been broken down by a Xenomorph attack, and they clear the ship of Xenos. Dash and the others attempt to get the ship up and running. However, Dash is grabbed by the Wolf Predator [from AVP: Requiem] and thrown out of the ship, as everyone else is locked inside the ship by the Wolf Predator, who jumps down and fights Dash. After a few minutes, Dash is punched to the ground by the Wolf Predator, who pulls out it's blades and is presses them against Dash's stomach, before attempting to stab him. However, the Wolf Predator is then blasted back by a Plasma Caster bullet, which blows it back several feet away from Dash. The Scar Predator [from Aliens VS Predator], who saved Dash on the ship, comes in and fights the Wolf Predator in a furious brawl. The Scar Predator kills the Wolf Predator with a stab to the stomach from the Combi-Stick.