Necronom IV
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one of the deadliest xenomorph variants known to man, the xeno-avatar is a xenomorph spawned from one of the avatar project's human-ethereal hybrids. their enlarged synapses are capable of transmitting nerve impulses at nearly three times the normal rate. this, combined with enhanced cellular conductivity comparable to a xenopriest, gives the xeno-avatar remarkably high intelligence and potent psionic abilities. the xeno-avatar is constantly surrounded by a layer of pure psionic energy which deforms and destabilizes projectiles, giving it increased resistance to ballistic weaponry. the internal "battery" that provides all xenomorphs with their energy is also psionically enhanced, greatly accelerating the creature's cell growth and providing a small healing factor. though they cannot weaponize raw psionic energy or mind control opponents like avatars can, xeno-avatars have the ability to erase their image from the mind of their prey--effectively making them invisible. however, this requires significant concentration, and only works on one subject at a time. they also retain their ability to teleport.

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