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one of the Elder's deadliest experiments, the xeno-chosen is a unique xenomorph spawned from a now-deceased fourth Chosen, which was specifically engineered to serve as a xenomorph host. this fourth chosen was trained as a heavy weapons specialist, acting as a highly mobile shock trooper like the assassin, but equipped with harder-hitting weaponry. in addition, the fourth chosen was spliced with engineer and yautja DNA in addition to the standard human/ethereal combination, making it stronger, faster, and smarter than its kin, with psionic abilities to match the warlock's. however, the 4th chosen was never deployed on the field before being deliberately exposed to a facehugger. the resulting creature retains the primal instincts and lightning reflexes of the standard xenomorph despite being sentient, but also inherits the technical prowess of the engineers, as well as the mental adaptability of humans, the brute strength and durability of the yautja, and the psionic power of the ethereals. as a result, the xeno-chosen can not only speak and use weaponry (though it rarely does so), but is also a psionic powerhouse with the tactical mind of a 5-star general. in addition to sharing the abilities of the xeno-avatar, the xeno-chosen can manipulate raw psionic energy to create destructive blasts, though this is rather taxing for the xeno-chosen.

the xeno-chosen was last seen wreaking havoc on the facility were it was kept. ADVENT, the resistance, and (in later years) weyland-yutani corp have all failed to track it down. it is possibly, however, the same creature as the xenomorph ace, though this rumor is unconfirmed.


Temnotic Harvester

a heavily-modified Cyclone that makes use of alien technology. somewhat resembling a magazine-less version of the disruptor rifle, the temnotic harvester is the most powerful weapon in the chosen arsenal. operating on the same gauss/metal-storm hybrid principle used by the cyclone, the temnotic harvester fires psionically-charged ammunition, greatly increasing its stopping power. both the barrel and the 4mm caseless rounds it shoots are made of the same alien metal typically used in chosen weaponry. instead of the standard airburst grenade launcher found on most cyclones, the temnotic harvester has a "plasma caster," which fires either a burst of 5 explosive plasma bolts with a grenade-like trajectory or a single, long-range plasma missile with a secondary EMP effect.

alien nanosuit

a Weyland Nanosuit 2 that has been enhanced and modified with meld and elerium. unlike the human variant, the alien nanosuit lacks any "safties" that prohibit cell alteration. this means that, provided it has a sufficient energy source, the nanosuit is theoretically capable of shapeshifting into anything imaginable. the xeno-chosen uses this ability to maximum effect in combat, "growing" organic weapons out of itself and rapidly healing any damage.


unlike the other chosen, the xeno-chosen does not have a sarcophagus; it lost that privilege when it rebelled against the elders. that means that, if by some incredible stroke of luck, someone manages to kill the xeno-chosen, it will be dead. dead, dead, dead, deady-dead dead dead dead super-duper-deady-dead. no need to track down any secret facilities or blow up any psionic monoliths. dead. although, in order to kill the xeno, you must make sure every single cell in its body is disposed of; the alien nanosuit will regenerate it otherwise. however, the nanosuit is vulnerable to EMP weaponry.