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a xenomorph spawned from a chryssalid. xeno-chryssalids look almost exactly like normal xenomorphs--except for their 4 razor-sharp insectoid legs. the xeno-chryssalid can reproduce much more rapidly than other xenomorphs. like normal chryssalids, xeno-chryssalids can implant larvae in their victims with a few slashes of their claws. xeno-chryssalid larvae rapidly mature into xenomorphs while inside their hosts, inheriting the traits of their victims like any facehugger-spawned xeno would. sometimes, the larvae will briefly reanimate their host as a zombie before bursting out of it. also like normal chryssalids, xeno-chryssalids have the ability to burrow, allowing them to traverse long distances while remaining undetected.

variant: hivemaker

a xenomorph carrier spawned from a chryssalid. dwarfing other xenomorphs in size, the hivemaker is the single most efficient xenomorph breeder ever created. combining their chryssalid larvae-implantation ability with their natural ability to carry up to 12 face huggers, the hivemaker can turn an entire ADVENT base or resistance settlement into a hive in a matter of hours, possibly minutes if they are assisted by xenorpriests or sectomorphs.