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artwork by daemonstar.

a xenomorph spawned from a faceless, ADVENT's advanced infiltration unit. instead of a conventional skeletal structure, xeno-facelesses possess a malleable chitin structure, allowing them to contort their bodies in extremely unusual ways. in addition, their skin, unlike the hard carapace of most xenomorphs, is soft and pliable, more similar to the neomorphs seen in prometheus. however, unlike the neomorphs, xeno-facelesses can change the color of their skin, allowing them to blend in with their environment. this ability, combined with their enhanced flexibility, allows xeno-facelesses to take the form of a human. though close scrutiny easily foils the illusion, most realize the creature's true nature far too late to take action. when not taking humanoid form, xeno-facelesses can blend in to their surroundings, rendering themselves nearly invisible. they can also squeeze through incredibly tight spaces due to their unusual skeletal structure. however, their soft skin renders them more vulnerable to conventional weaponry than most xenomorph breeds.