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a xeno-muton. artwork by maxwell davenport.

a xenomorph spawned from a muton, the aliens that make up ADVENT's primary shock unit. the xeno-muton is 275 kilograms of pure muscle. equipped with redundant organs and strong but lightweight bones, the xeno-muton is one of the physically strongest xenomorph breeds. despite their large size, the creatures somehow manage to retain their stealth, moving with the agility of exceptionally quiet gorillas. their great strength also makes them more efficient at subduing potential hosts and bringing them back to the hive, allowing them to effortlessly knock out even the hardiest human opponents and carry multiple unconscious bodies on their backs.


a berserkermorph. artist signature in picture.


a xenomorph spawned from a berserker, a variant of the common muton. affected by extreme muscular hyperthrophy due to a protein deficiency, berserkermorphs are even stronger than their xeno-muton cousins. they inherit the hyperactive adrenal glands of their hosts, and as a result have lost almost all capacity for stealth or even basic planning, killing everything in their way instead of retrieving hosts to be impregnated. this makes them uniquely suited for the role of ravager. in addition, they are highly resistant to psionic manipulation, as their "modular" brain structure can rapidly section off damaged or disrupted areas.