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the Raven from Aliens: Colonial Marines, the inspiration for the Xenomorph Ace.

The xenomorph ace (named for its apparent superiority to king and queen xenomorphs) is a mysterious, unique xenomorph sighted in various places on earth. the ace resembles the Raven from Aliens: Colonial Marines, but with a pair of neomorph-esque protruding jaws in addition to the standard secondary jaws, as well as a pair of predator mandibles. the ace seems to be able to change it's size and shape at will, and has even been seen creating some sort of "organic weaponry" out of it's own flesh. very little is known about the creature, as no one has dared approached it. however, it is known that it is able to travel between places nearly instantaneously, as the ace has been sighted in china, south america, and australia, all within a period of 20 minutes.

it is possibly the same being as the xeno-chosen.

artwork by Manuel Gomez.