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The Alien Queen on LV-496 was one of the first surviving Xenomorph/Human hybrid, with two methods of reproduction: mammalian live birth, and laying eggs. She ran a healthy Hive on LV-426 in the ruins of a crashed space station, eventually finding a mate in the Ultramorph. The second Queen was the Ultramorph, who changed genders in order to take on the role of Queen.

The Watts Space Station, in the orbit of LV-496, carried precious scientific cargo in 3057. It held not only the comatose body of an Engineer, but also several Facehugger eggs found with the Engineer, on a seemingly abandoned ship. The eggs had been collected for termination, but one, the one that held the Queen Facehugger, escaped into the ventilation, the other eggs being destroyed at the hand of a flamethrower. Unbeknownst to the crew of the station, the naked, comatose Engineer had been previously impregnated by a Facehugger years before it was discovered, but when the Engineer went into a coma, the embryo inside it also shut down. But, after being subjected to heat energy and nutrients, being fed into the Engineer through IV's, the embryo began to grow... Meanwhile, the Queen Facehugger discovered a host 31 year old Claire Hoyt, a scientist. The Queen Facehugger dropped down the vents, and into her quarters, where in Claire's sleep, she latched to her face. As the IV's fed the Engineer more nutrients, the embryo within it grew more rapidly. The Xenomorph fetus had grown to the size of a dog within an hour, changing the perfect, ripped abs of the Engineer into a pale, sweaty, white, bloated orb of flesh. One of Claire's assistants entered her quarters, for conversation, but found the Queen Facehugger on her face. The Assistant quickly notified authorities, who put the whole station under lockdown, to decrease possibility of an Xenomorph outbreak. This caused the medical bay which held the pregnant Engineer to shut down, and as a result, no one noticed the Engineer's distended Xenomorph-carrying gut. Claire was counted as a considerable loss, and she was to be incinerated alive in the hangar. She regained consciousness, just as they were about to torch her. But at the last moment, Claire felt something in her chest. The Queen ravaged from within her rib cage, causing Claire to cough violently. And then, the Queen Chestburster erupted from her in a splatter of blood. Claire shrieked, and the Chestburster exited her body. The small, slimy, blood covered creature slid across the floor. and escaped through ventilation. Back in the abandoned medical bay, the poor Engineer's bloated belly had stretched to the size of a large yoga ball. The growing Xenomorph inside him was now the size of a teenage human. But it wouldn't take much longer, within another hour, the Engineer regained conciousness, and his stomach- a bulging, throbbing mass, that contained a very large Xenomorph. In the Engineer's last, and very excruciating moments, the Xenomorph emerged from the Engineer's belly. As the Engineer's "baby bump", contracted, leaving the Engineer panting, suddenly, the Xenomorph's tail spiked up, through his navel, to the Engineer's horror. The Xenomorph then swiped his tail back inside, and stabbed his tail back outside, this time in the bottom of his lower abdomen. The Engineer writhed, kicking his bare feet against the bed that held him.He then finished, by violently slashing upward, cutting a large slit in the Engineer. The Xenomorph emerged, shiny, covered in the Engineer's black blood, and at least 9 feet tall. It was a pale blue-black, and had an exceptionally long cranium. It had long, lanky limbs, and thin, long fingers, and toes. It's dorsal tubes were long, and slender, like the rest of it's body. This was a powerful breed, the hybrid of an Engineer and an Xenomorph. This was the Ultramorph. The Queen Chestburster also had grown in size, although still not enough to compare with the Ultramorph. The Queen was now, the size of a 12 - 14 year old. And as a Queen, she was learning telepathic abilities, and was able to communicate with other Xenomorphs on the ship. She was able to reach out to the newborn Ultramorph, and summoned him to her location. Once the Ultramorph arrived, still shiny, they strategized a plan, to eliminate the humans, who could be used as hosts for her eggs, or food. Within the hour, the now 10 foot tall Queen, and still 9 foot tall Ultramorph, managed to slink through ventilation, due to their skininess, and enter the human safe zone, which was really just a crowd of people and their belongings stuffed into one large room. It was the perfect Xenomorph smorgasbord. The Queen and the Ultramorph dropped down into the crowd, and feasted on the gathered humans in the chaos. They gorged their way through most of the entire crowd, few survivors, leaving only a bloody, bone riddled mess. One thing, about the Ultramorph, was that he had an addiction, an indomitable craving, for blood and meat. Though the Queen also liked her share of carnage, this butcher, the Ultramorph practically swam in it, easily killing, and devouring more humans. They continued to team up, and chased down the navigator of the ship, stalking the ships hallways, as after their feast, they were now very fat, and could not fit through ventilation. The navigator, driven to kill the Xenomorphs and put the other survivors out of their misery, shut down the station's artificial gravity that prevented the station from crashing down into LV-496. As the station rapidly descended towards the planet, the two Xenomorphs tore the navigator in two, temporarily ate from his carcass, and then fled to higher ground, the station's Observation Deck, to avoid being instantly destroyed by the explosion. Soon, the station hit the ground. The other half of the station, burst into flames, while the other, was only shaken. The destroyed portion scraped against the surface of the planet, before halting.

The Queen and the Ultramorph survived the blast, and rested, waiting for the fire to die off. But when the time came, the Ultramorph was sent to find human survivors so the Queen's coming children could be born. She began to grow an ovipositor, and decided that the large, empty Observation Deck was a good place to start the nest. Soon enough, The Ultramorph returned, practically holding 7 humans like toys in his arms. He was now 12 feet tall, and the Queen was 16. After restraining the humans, and waiting a while, the Queen layed an egg through the ovipositor. It was a grand moment, that the first child of the hive should be born. And after another day, she layed two eggs, and by the end of the week, there were eight. The Queen waited patiently for one of them to hatch, releasing the Facehugger onto their face, forcing the frail humans to produce her young. And so it happened, at the beginning of the second week. The little Facehugger crawled out, and looked through its options. It quickly chose one of the humans, and promptly leaped upon their face. Later in the week, the others, with the exception of the eighth, and the five new ones that had been produced. And now came the moment that the Queen and the Ultramorph had been waiting for: the first birth. The Chestburster came quickly, and suddenly, shooting out of the man's rib cage, and into the open. The Queen roared in triumph, and the small Chestburster found a place beside her. The Ultramorph was proud as well, and considered the new Chestburster like his son. And soon came the other 6, who latched to their hosts faces, and gave rise to a small generation of Xenomorphs. All of whom, were highly valued by their "parents". According to the deal between the Queen and the Ultramorph, the Ultramorph was allowed to give into his carnivorous desires, and devour six of the seven dead hosts, the last host to be eaten by their young. After the seven were born, they grew into their hierarchy: the first two born were Praetorians, the third and fourths were Warriors, the fifth and sixth were drones, and the last was an Albino Drone, that tended to the nest. But after this, there was no way for their dynasty to continue, as there were no human hosts. Until, the Queen discovered her human reproductive system, a backup way to produce a hive. With the Ultramorph as her mate, she shed her ovipositor, and grew a womb, from which she spawned 30 Xenomorphs within the next half century. All of the young were born with both the Queen's regal blood, and the Ultramorph's Engineer strength, elegance, and size. Like their mother, they had a long chin, and were mostly black, with their hands and feet also resembling their mother. On the other hand, they were, like their father, very long and tall, but not nearly as large as him. They also had the larger craniums, and seemed to follow in their father's lust for blood. They were perfect killing machines, perfect for what was coming for them next.

About 50 years after the station had crashed, and the Queen set up her Hive, colonists on the planet had expanded their territory, and were building near the Hive. The Queen's scouts noticed this, and returned to the Hive with the news. The Queen was pleased, and considered this a possibility for mass expansion and reproduction of her empire.

The Ultramorph, with his love of carnage, and the taste of human blood, led the attack, followed by one of the original Praetorians, and 16 of his 'children' that he had with the Queen. They traveled quickly, attacking the colony with the Ultramorph, Praetorian, 7 Warriors, 7 Drones, and 2 Runners. The colonists, caught completely off guard, would be easily massacred. The only thing that would stand in their way, was the 71 Colonial Soldiers, guarding the province. So, the Xenomorphs brought 40 eggs, containing Facehuggers, and released them near the colony, where they would find the colony, following the scent of human blood, and attack, and impregnate. The Ultramorph then sent the 2 Runners and 3 Drones into the sewers of the colony. Then, the Xenomorphs carefully waited. After one night, the rest of the army came in.

When they entered the colony, they found several bodies, and dead Facehuggers. The chestbursters had been born, and now newborn Xenomorphs were wrecking havoc on the colony. All of the sewer taskforce, had been killed by Colonial Troopers, though the taskforce had succeeded in driving the troopers and the colonists into the center of the colony: by the Observation Tower, the Cafeteria, and the Convention center.

The Queen had them spread into two groups. One group, led by the Praetorian, which consisted of the rest of the army (5 Drones and 7 Warriors) would attack from the flank, while the second group, led by the Ultramorph, consisting of 14 new colonial Drones, would attack head on, crushing the colonial force.

And so the battle begun. The first group broke into Colonial lines from the sides, and attacked. This caught the Troopers off guard, and Forced them to evacuate many of the civilians. And then, through the front, while the front was weakened, the 30 foot tall Ultramorph charged through. The Queen observed the battle through the minds of her soldiers, and was pleased with the carnage.

The Ultramorph clawed his way through the horde of soldiers, basking in the blood. The soldiers fired at him, through the bullets only dented and bruised him. For some reason his Engineer DNA gave him a somewhat impenetrable exoskeleton. And he used this to his advantage. He grabbed a handful of soldiers with his claws, and raised them to his mouth, dropping them down his throat. When he saw that the Colonials were damaging the right flank of the offensive, he swooped down, and with the swipe of his long, bony tail, they had all been decapitated. He crawled down to all fours, gorging himself with the dead troopers. The right flank then was able to recover, and help attack the remaining troopers. The Ultramorph came upon the surviving soldiers, lifting mouthfuls of them off the ground with his teeth, before devouring them alive.

This raised Xenomorph morale, as they fought on harder against the remaining troopers, now 25 out of the original 71 left. Suddenly, something rang out in all of the Xenomorph's minds: the Queen's fury. The Praetorian, her first son, had been mowed down by a soldier. The Queen immediately ordered them to kill the soldier. Within seconds, the Xenomorphs ripped him to shreds. The battle was nearly over.

By the time the battle had finished, the Ultramorph had consumed the body of every soldier, and left the gory scraps to the remaining Xenomorphs. The Queen then ordered the remaining 11 Drones to capture the 183 trapped colonist civilians. The Xenomorphs carried them back from the colony's wreckage, to the Hive, for impregnation.

Following the attack on the colony, Xenomorph population skyrocketed. The Queen had an army to be reckoned with, thanks to the abundant source of human hosts. Several scouts learned of two more colonies further North of the last one, and with a large army, the Queen sent 50 Xenomorphs, again led by the Ultramorph, to decimate both colonies.

The Xenomorph campaign was successful, and provided the Queen with 267 new human hosts. The Xenomorph army slaughtered 718 Colonial Soldiers in both attacks, and the Ultramorph again overindulged in human flesh, having killed and eaten 531 of the soldiers killed total. This led the several physical changes in the Ultramorph. One, was that his teeth sharpened, as a result of his vast carnivorous diet. The second change, was that his teeth were stained red, from the blood of his victims. The third, his belly had grown very fat, due to himself constantly gorging on human victims. The bloated mass would occasionally grumble violently, squelch, or even painfully contract due to the great pile of gore settling within his stomach. Sometimes, skulls or other bones could be seen, pressed against the taut surface. Because of the immense pain that his stomach would cause him after battles, he would have to rest next to the Queen, and wait for the tons of gore to relax, and settle within him, often for multiple days. Despite this, his lust for blood, and battle, drove him to continue to fight. Even with these changes, the Ultramorph was still of Engineer blood, and still kept an air of elegance about himself, and was far more superior that any other Xenomorph besides the Queen in size, strength and intelligence. And despite his awkwardly distended belly, he still kept his usual slender, lanky shape in his arms, legs, and upper torso.

The Queen was still stationary in her Hive, constantly pumping out eggs for her growing empire. She was the true leader of the Hive, and the most intelligent. The Ultramorph was simply her second in command. She was the one truly pulling the strings. And like the Ultramorph craved carnage, the Queen craved power. She felt greater, and better, with the capture of every colony. She wanted more. She wanted to take the entire planet.

She then planned the massive takeover of the planet. With her now massive army, and competent 2nd in Command, she planned on temporarily moving operations closer to the front lines, leaving her second child, the Praetorian, in charge of the home nest, and moving into the most recently conquered colony. The Ultramorph would lead the first attack, a thrust into the heart of the colonies, leading 909 Xenomorphs into battle.

But the Queen wasn't anticipating the colonial resistance. After getting word of the attacks, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation sent in several battalions of Colonial Marines to the colonies, to protect from Xenomorph threat. So, it was a surprise, when the first Xenomorph attack ended in failure.

The Xenomorphs planned on attacking the colony, head on, like with the last two. But, when they marched forward towards the large walls of this colony, they were met with great artillery, and pulose rifles. Even the Ultramorph's bulletproof skin did not stand to the artillery fire, as he was shot in the side, causing him to bleed vast amounts of acid, shards of bone. The artillery that only injured the Ultramorph, instantly killed other Xenomorphs. Within a few moments, the Xenomorphs were down to 416. They were forced to retreat back to the Queen.

The Queen was furious. She was humiliated by the fact that her army had been defeated by the humans. She insisted on a more stealth approach to taking the colony, so that they may have a better chance at victory.

She eventually divised a plan, to send a swarm or facehuggers into the colony, down the sewage pipe, and to take the colony from the inside. The plan nearly succeeds, and weakens the colonial defenses, but the Queen senses the plan failing, and Xenomorphs falling short. So, she scrambles her army, and sends them into the colony. The Xenomorphs finally overrun defenses, and conquer the colony, but only after suffering heavy losses.

The Queen, searching for better strategy, found it in large bat creatures kept in the colony observatory. Once impregnated, they spawned several flying Xenomorph hybrids. These hybrids were pitch black, had regular Xenomorph appearance, with the exception of the creature's shorter legs, and large, leathery wings. The creature had no dorsal tubes, but a long, sharp tail. They were actually more aggressive than the common Xenomorph. The Queen used the flyers to attack and confuse the Marines, while the Ultramorph gave backup. While the bats attacked like the Harpies from Jason And The Argonauts, the Marines were only more throughly demoralized, when they saw the 35 foot Ultramorph, slowly and ominously approaching them. The flying Xenomorphs had sabotaged artillery, and the Ultramorph reached the wall, taking his pickings from the wall, dropping soldiers down his throat, and into the bubbling pile of human remains in his abdomen, to be slowly and painfully digested, and sink to the bottom of his stomach. The flying Xenomorphs worked perfectly, like an Air Force, picking soldiers off the ground, and dropping them below. Once the Ultramorph clumsily stumbled past the barrier, the colony was no more. The Xenomorph bats attacked civilians from above, carrying them back to the Hive. The normal Xenomorphs ate and pillaged. The Ultramorph wobbled to his knees, and swallowed someone with his inner jaw. Within minutes, the colony was finished. The army returned to the hive, victoriously, and the Ultramorph was layed next to the Queen, his large, gurgling, shuddering gut the size of the Queen's headcrest.

The Queen was pleased with the victory, and confident that they could pull off another similar victory. With her unorthodox strategies, she could even take the whole planet if she wanted. And the next closest colony was rumored to have an energy source, one that the Queen desired. So, she had the Ultramorph prepare the army, and pull off another battle.

But this battle was not destined for victory. Weyland, the owner of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, had heard the reports of Colonial Marines, that there was a giant, pale Xenomorph, and flying bat like Xenomorphs. He wanted the Hive on LV-496, for study, and possible weaponization of the creatures. So, he sent an elite Taskforce, that could capture, and hold the Xenomorphs in the warship The Nightflow.

While Xenomorph Army fought at the nearby colony, the Company sent an elite force of 52 Xenomorph Containment Unit Troopers into the epicenter of the problem: the First Hive.

There was virtually no resistance. The Hive, though occupied by 31 Xenomorphs and the Praetorian, was almost immediately conquered. And when the Xenomorphs wouldn't let the soldiers capture them, they were slaughtered. The Praetorian, the Queen's second, and eldest remaining offspring, was brutally murdered by human pulse rifles. It was after cleansing the Hive, that they knew that it was no longer the main Hive, which had to be somewhere else.

The Queen felt the passing of the Praetorian, and the passing of her other children, and entered a violent rage. Every Xenmorph on the planet felt the Queen's rage, and wanted revenge. The Queen, hungry for the death of her son's killers, ordered evacuation of the current Hive, to scramble to the original Hive.

When the Queen arrived, it was all too late. The ruins of the station had been bombarded from orbit, and was once again, a blazing pile of torn, broken, misshapen mechanics. But at that moment, the Xenomorph Containment Unit, or X.C.U for short, ambushed them from flying transports, pelting the Xenomorphs with knockout darts. As they were attacked, the Queen ordered a distraction from the bat-Xenomorphs, who flooded in the masses, even many leaving the Ultramorph's army, and pouring towards the transports, blinding the pilots, scratching the eyes out of X.C.U Troopers inside, tearing the engines out of the vehicles, or even committing kamikaze, and diving into the transports, their blood melting the transports.

Thanks to the distraction, the Queen and 3/4 of her army was able to retreat, and 3 of the 5 of the X.C.U transports were crashed. But the Xenomorphs had lost a powerful ally in the bat-Xenomorphs for the prize of time, as nearly all of them died in the suicidal distraction mission.

The Queen ordered the Ultramorph to pull his army back to their Secondary Hive, so they could better protect her. During this time, they fortified the Hive, using Hive webbing and resin to block and disable blast doors, building walls and obstacles out of chunks of stone and rusted metal, hatching half of the Facehuggers and letting them run freely in the halls, and shutting off all means of entry with rubble or resin.

The Queen, her Praetorians, the Ultramorph, and all of the eggs were moved into a large underground area in the colony, the depths of the colony's old power plant. The Queen ordered her Xenomorphs to do all in their power to prevent the entrance of the X.C.U, even if it meant they would die as a result.

And so, the siege began. The X.C.U were slaughtered, and by nightfall, they were all dead.