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"I will be King! Ssssstick with me, and you'll never be hunted again!" -Scar to his army.

Name: Scar Alias: Specimen J, Number 44, Specimen 44, J, 44, White Serpent, Great White Bug, The White Death, The Joker, Smiley. Gender: Male Height: 8ft Length: 18ft Weight: 360 lbs Affiliations: Xenomorphs, Cloned xenomorphs, Jill Mason (human/xenomorph clone hybrid). Enemies: Humans, Yautja, Super Predators, Androids. Rank: Prince/Royal offspring (Queen 6's reign) King (Post-6's reign) Relations: Matriach AVP 2010 (grandmother-deceased), Queen 6 (Mother-deceased), Reaper (Royal sibling-deceased), Jill Mason (mate), Sauron (Royal son/heir), Alessa (Royal daughter). Attributes: Abnormal intelligence (above xenomorph-level), total disregard for any non-xenomorphic life, surprisingly skilled hand to hand combatant, telepathic communication, inability to molt above the warrior caste, strategist. Personality: Cold, vengeful, envious, cruel, psychopathic (by xenomorph standards), cowardly (by xenomorph standards), cunning, manipulative.

Scar (Specimen J/#44 according to the Weyland Yutani Corporation), is considered the one of the most, if not the most dangerous xenomorph to ever exist. His intellect is his greatest weapon, allowing him to outsmart the most intelligent Queens, he's even been capable of understanding human emotion and using it to his advantage to a certain extent. Other than his intellect, is his surprising skills as a hand to hand combatant; so to speak. His speed combined with his killer instincts allow him to easily hold his own against even the most skilled Yautja. His trademark 'Glasgow smile' like scars are typically the last thing his victims see before they die. Unlike the majority of xenomorphs, his carapace isn't black in color rather a pale grey having many consider him an albino, or the 'White Serpent' as told by an ancient prophecy, foreseen by the Yautja.


After Queen 6 (Specimen 6) molted she began to create an egg-sac laying her first egg, but unlike her other eggs this one in particular was different. While being a moldy, greenish brown color like the others, it sported a purplish hue which made it unique. It soon opened up releasing a Facehugger, which then attached to Dr. Groves. Later it detached from the doctor as a squad of Combat Androids breached the chamber and subdued the Queen. Dr. Groves was free from his capture and underwent x-ray examination for any trace of the embryo. Surprisingly no embryo was found, unbeknownst to the remainder of the company and Dr. Groves, the reason for the embryo not appearing was the fact that it had a late development. Days later in the middle of the night Dr. Groves began to suffer from convulsions; the chest burster was fully developed.


After bursting from the doctor, Scar slithered his way into an air duct, but quickly burrowed back into the corpse feeding on the remains. The body was soon discovered by the other doctors, they noticed the trail leading inside the ducts and the staff as well as the combat androids began checking the vents for any trace of him. It wasn't until the ship landed on the planet PRE-365, that he was discovered when the androids noticed the corpse began showing movement. Upon his containment the scientists including the new model Carl Weyland, were amazed that not had he not reach maturity yet but barely began to grow legs. Due to his light grey carapace, marking him was unnecessary and dubbed him as 'Number 44', he was as Weyland said 'Different'. After a week he finally reached maturity and the company began to run tests on the young warrior.

Despite his telepathic link with Queen 6, he was becoming focused on how the humans interacted with one another, whether it was during his sessions, or when he spotted them in the hallway. He began to observe how the humans would proceed in controlling his siblings using room defenses activated by the computers. In a few days he memorized the colors and shapes of the buttons becoming aware of their functions. He also witnessed the procedures when the scientists and androids would have to move his siblings to different rooms in order to prepare for new arrivals. He also began to notice that of all his siblings those that showed high levels of intelligence were given a lot of attention compared to those that were believed to show little. In his sessions, he rarely interacted with the staff, but still attacked any foolish employee that was forced or tricked into becoming a subject of prey. After weeks of watching and learning of the daily schedules, Scar waited until nightfall, the staff rarely paid any attention to him, deeming the cunning creature as "typical" and not worthy of study. He then broke the lights in his room, rendering it in complete darkness. This was the perfect moment for Scar to escape, he opened up the vent and began making his way through the laboratory on PRE-356 via air ducts. He didn't fully escape however, merely familiarizing himself with the entire compound, after an hour he returned to his room, just in time for his 4:30 am observation session. Unbeknownst to the scientists he was waiting for the perfect moment to escape.

At some point a xenomorph managed to escape and it was able to get as far as causing a riot, releasing it's siblings. In the chaos, even Scar was released from his room, but he did not move from his spot. Soon however, the xenomorph and the other escapees, were subdued by the upgraded defense systems. He knew it wasn't his time...not yet. Days later in the dead of night he managed to escape his room under the cover of darkness, while on his way to the security room he was given an order by the queen to free a neighboring sibling. After sneaking into the security room and quietly killed the two guards he proceeded to follow his mother's commands and free his sibling. Upon seeing the large imprisoned warrior he noticed it was molting, this gave him an idea. He knew by now it would be time for his session, and he couldn't allow his sibling to draw attention with its violent rage. Taking pieces of the molted skin and a corpse from one of the guards he placed some of the molted exoskeleton of his sibling he left behind, on to the corpse. From a distance and the darkness of the room it looked reasonably accurate, he needed time so it had to do. He then reached his destination the generator room, he could hear the snarls of his mother, becoming impatient as he disobeyed her commands. The doctors in his room were shocked to see the 'decoy' he left behind, then he destroyed the computers controlling the generators allowing the power to go out in the entire laboratory releasing all the locks, including the restraints and doors of his mother's chamber as well as the building's defense mechanisms. Scar made his way through the vents relishing in the chaos that commenced during the break out.


Using the vents he escaped the giant building, and waited for his mother and siblings. The drones and warriors were the first to emerge from the open doors, then the larger molting drones, and finally his mother Queen 6. Rather than kill him for disobeying her, she rose him into the higher ranks due to his success at planning their escape with little to no casualties. Using a cave connecting to an old mining field and an underground sulfur spring, a new hive was established by the queen. With a small community living close by food and hosts were available. Later however the hive would come in contact with marines sent in to eliminate the hive as well as a clan of Yautja. Later Scar would come in contact with a few young unblooded Yautja warriors whom he would defeat. After familiarizing himself with combat, he would later take on armed young bloods. However he would meet a worthy challenge as a few armed young bloods and an elite warrior get closer to the hive location.


Using his siblings as pawns, he would watch and learn every move the hunters made, learning their strengths and weaknesses. Finally using his siblings as a diversion he attacks and kills the young bloods eventually only leaving himself and the elite. As the elite used it's weapons Scar used the environment to his advantage, taking cover from trees as the plasma rays would be blocked until he got close enough to damage the caster. After a lengthy battle of dodging projectiles, he managed to render the elite to only its wrist blades, or so he thought. The Elite was surprised as to the difficulty of killing this worthy adversary, the hunter pulled out a whip-like weapon and waited. After a few swipes and attacks using his tail Scar gets too close and the hunter uses his whip, Scar attempts to evade the attack but manages to get slashed on one side of his mouth stretching to his cheek, the elite attempts to aim at his head once more, only for Scar to dodge the attack but again is given the same injury on the opposite side of his face. The Elite grew tired and used his spiked whip one more time only for Scar to catch it with his tail pull the hunter towards him and impale the elite with his bladed tail followed by a deep slash to the throat. As the elite laid dying, Scar witnessed it activating it self destruct bracer, the male xenomorph curiously watched it glow a neon blue. Suddenly he hears a call from the queen ordering him to return to the hive. As Scar fled the scene he was distracted by a loud BANG! He then looks to see a blue wave heading for him. He barely manages to escape the explosions fatal blast range, but suffered burns on his face. As he stumbles upon a small puddle he sees that although his face healed from the burns, the scars made by the elite's whip were also burned forming a yellowish green Glasgow like scar. He felt the scars burn as the blast had permanently embedded them into his carapace, which would never heal. As he screams into the sky in anger and vengeance, it almost seems like as though he is laughing. A moment of realization came to him, he has heard about these hunters, from his mother as she revered them as a species that had no purpose other than to hunt down his kind. He then realizes what the hunter was attempting to do in it's final moments of life. That tool was meant to kill him and his hive. After looking upon his reflection, he sees how much damage they can commit and vows revenge. But as the years go by this vengance would lead to something a xenomorph has never succumb to before...madness.


As a few years go by, more Yautja Elites are sent in to eliminate the infestation of PRE-356, but continued to be unsuccessful. During those times Scar continues to learn more about the Yautja, how they strategize, how they hunt, fight, understanding their strengths and weaknesses. If the hunters carried new weapons, he would find a way to use his siblings as a distraction long enough to get close enough and disarm any weapon that was presented. There are times when Scar would watch his siblings get slaughtered, just to see the amount of damage the weapons could do.

Soon another Elite clan is sent in, this time having Nemsi; a famous Veteran Elite, as the clan leader. As they arrive on the planet each are met with a wave of xenomorphs. Two manage to survive, the other is slain by Scar as the xenomorph amputates the wristbracer of the hunter preventing self-destruction. Later the second elite falls under the same fate leaving only Nemsi left. Later Scar and his group attack Nemsi, but his superior fighting skills and refusal to use the advanced weaponry; unless it is dire, allowed him to survive. After the ambush only Nemsi and Scar remained, the xenomorph then retreats into a cave to which the elite follows cautiously. Inside the cave Scar is given the advantage due to the close quarters, and after a lengthy fight Scar manages to knock Nemsi into a deep pit. Believing the hunter to be dead Scar leaves the dark cave, unaware of Nemsi's survival. Later Scar is found by Nemsi and attacked this time in a semi-dense jungle area, giving a more neutral setting. The fight lasts for hours until both realize that they were evenly matched, much to the Elite's surprise. Throughout the fight Scar pondered as to why the hunter wasn't trying to use its weapons against him, unaware of the elite's code of honor. Finally Nemsi began to tire, giving Scar the advantage, but before he could land a critical hit Nemsi; using a power gauntlet, with one strong punch manages to temporarily knock out the xenomorph, putting an end to this encounter.


As Scar regain consciousness the hunter had grabbed hold of him to decapitate and save as a trophy. Scar finally spoke startling Nemsi, due to his years of observing the hunters he managed to somewhat speak, or at least use telepathy. He begged the hunter to spare him or at least answer one question. Nemsi, curious as to what the cowardly serpent wanted to know, allowed him to ask. To which he asked him why all this time he wouldn't use his deadlier weapons to kill him. To which Nemsi replies that it's his code of honor, to ever encounter a worthy opponent that fights with nothing but it's bare hands; so to speak, he must fight with his own bare hands, 'you fight with no weapons I fight with no weapons' code. He explains that if he were to break his code, it would be a punishment worst than death, that most of his kind go by this code and that without it...they would have no honor which is something they value the most. To which Scar chuckles or hisses; which looks and sounds like the imitation of a laugh. But before Nemsi can finish him off he is attacked by a large group of Combat Androids. Too wounded to fight and unprepared, Nemsi retreats and sets off to recover some of his items which were lost in the caverns.

Scar is subdued by the Androids and recaptured then sent to the company lab. While he is in his enclosure, he continues to 'laugh' as he comes to a realization. The hunters go by a code, and should it be broken they would be nothing. They would be beneath his kind and inferior to him. He didn't understand it, only that Nemsi needed it and that he would risk all to keep it. A thought occurred to him...Nemsi is the greatest opponent he had ever faced and the most complex yet he strangely felt like they were connected. He then begins to relish in the fact that the elite made all this enjoyable even humorous, looking forward to the all the fights, all the chaos, and the years that will follow believing "Thisssss is going to be fun!". He is determined to make Nemsi; who in his eyes represents the Yautja species, break that code and with him representing his own kind, be the one to make him break it. Even if it takes centuries he will continue to make the hunter break that code, even if he must risk his own siblings, even if he must make Nemsi suffer...he will make him break that rule. With this he finally succumbs to madness.


Roughly 30 years go by after their first encounter and many battles had occurred during those years, but after many escapes and troubles caused by Scar, Weyland had become fed up with the xenomorph and decided to take action. 3 years prior, a scientist by the name of Viktor Mason, resurrected his dead daughter Jill Mason, by means of cloning using her DNA and the DNA of xenomorphs. He had succeeded but refused to allow the company to use his daughter as a weapon against Scar, this led to his assassination by the company under the cover up that the xenomorph was at fault in order to manipulate Jill when she was awakened from her cryogenic sleep. 2 years of training later, the now 23 year old was ready to face him. However, later one day under orders by Queen 6 Scar was sent in as well as the other warriors, to break into the lab and liberate any captive xenomorphs. A few warriors entered the room which contained the enclosure of Jill, they slaughtered the scientists and had her in their sights. But Scar enters the room and knocks a challenger sibling aside to properly examine Jill, despite the glass separating them he was able to not only see her, but also get her scent. He could smell her xenomorph pheromones, but she looked human which confused him. He was then called back to the hive by the queen as the mission was complete. Before he left Scar deactivates the locks freeing her, afterwards Jill followed him determined to avenge her father's death.

While tracking Scar she ambushed the xenomorph and a conflict occurs with Scar as the winner temporarily knocking her unconscious. He proceeds to drag her to a cavern near the hive and cocoons her to the wall. She awakens to see him staring at her, trying figure out what she is. Eventually her instincts over take her mind and she manages to convince him that she is more xenomorph than human, to which Scar spares her. He even comes up with a plan which involves her, he takes her back to the hive, to which she complies only so she can get closer to him and eventually kill him.


She is presented to the queen who with the combination of Scar's words and her own thinking she allows Jill to stay as part of the hive, serving as a nurse. Weeks living in the hive changes Jill, she confesses to Scar that during her training she went through psychological abuse and ridicule by the scientists, also that she was insulted and ostracized by them yet she felt more at home in the hive. He takes advantage of this and promises her she would never go through that again, that the humans are the true monsters. He manipulates her into believing that the human race are the real enemy and his seemingly sympathetic behavior causes her to fall in love with him. During her stay in the hive her mentality deteriorates and she tries to support him even attempts to have herself betrothed to him by the queen, unaware that she is destined to not only be his mate but also the next queen.


Not long after Jill was accepted into the hive, several space pods containing Yautjas; both warriors and un blooded fighters alike, touched down on their planet to continue the old tradition of hunting the xenomorphs. The hunters soon find themselves over whelmed by a group of warriors led by Scar, one hunter in particular notices how the xenon begin to amputate the arms of the Yautja after killing them, showing that they are well aware of the Yautja's famous suicidal deaths. Before the last remaining Elite can be killed he activates a distress beacon, after doing so he is ambushed by Scar then killed. The distress beacon is received on the Yautja home world by a veteran whom, after viewing the dying elites message goes to find Nemsi and report that Scar is involved. Nemsi receives the message and prepares to for his trip to that planet, to which his brother Cratos and another veteran elite accompany him on the mission. As the hunters touchdown on PRE-365, Nemsi informs them to meet up at the hive and should they encounter Scar, only he can engage in battle with him, to which they reluctantly comply both disappointed that they will not be able to face this illusive opponent. A lone xenomorph manages to spot the trio and makes its way to the hive to inform the queen of the intruders, to which the queen dispatches her children to deal with them. Scar and his praetorian brother Reaper were also sent to eradicate the hunters, while Jill reluctantly is forced to stay and tend to the young.

Later Scar encounters an elite to which he kills rather swiftly, but is then encountered by Cratos in the ruins and is forced to engage in a solo battle against the elite. During this time Nemsi is encountered by a group of warriors and drones to which he disposes of but as he reaches the hive he is challenged by a worthy praetorian(Scar's brother Reaper). After a lengthy battle Nemsi defeats Reaper and proceeds to enter the hive where he is greeted by a swarm of drones and warriors to which he manages to dispose of. During the fight Scar receives a telepathic order from his mother to return home due to a breach in the hive. He ignores this command and continues fighting Cratos, to which he manages to weaken the elite.

As Nemsi encounters the queen, she then telepathically orders Jill to find Scar. Jill obeys her and manages to escape undetected by Nemsi, the rest of the xenomorphs enter the hive and try to fight him off.

The fight draws to a close as both Scar and Cratos reach the top of a structure. Scar then impales Cratos and knocks him into a pit, but the elite manages to hold on to the edge. He attempts to activate his self destruct bracer but is prevented by Scar as the xenomorph amputates his arm causing him to fall into the pit and is impaled by the debris on the bottom. Scar then screams into the sky in triumph for emerging as the winner. Scar then hears the distress call of his mother to which he makes his way to the hive.

By this time Nemsi know he cannot win against all of them, he then uses his self destruct bracer and tosses the bomb into the heart of the hive. Believing Scar to be somewhere in the hive Nemsi makes his escape as the hive explodes killing off all the xenomorphs including Queen 6. With the mission complete Nemsi begins his search for Cratos.

As Scar makes his way to the hive he is quickly over come by a disturbance, a great pain, he then sees visions of his mother in distress. He is then paralyzed as he sees the hive from a distance explode with a familiar wave of neon blue light emerges from it. His connection with his mother is then severed indicating she is dead, along with his siblings. Scar finds himself all alone and unable to cope with what has happened. As he screams in pain and sorrow, he hears something coming from the trees. He looks to see Jill who quickly embraces him, happy that he is alive and well. But their reunion is cut short as a squad of combat androids led by Weyland himself apprehend them. At first the androids try to kill Scar, only for Weyland to decline that action. They are both taken and secured in cages aboard the ship and leave the planet.


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