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A zedreomorph soldier

The Zedreomorph Soldier is a caste of Zedreomorph, built for defending other Zedreomorphs from predators. It is primarily built for defense and is not extremley fast , but it's head is shield-like making it deadly in head-on combat.

Soldier are identified by their huge heads and stand 9'6" feet tall on their hind legs. They are about 15 feet long, including their tail. They are armed with razor-sharp mandibles and an acidic spray excreated from their foreheads.


Zedreomorphs are typically bipedal, but move on all fours for speed when out of combat. Soldiers are  even stronger than Xenomorph warriors, capable of lifting humans and Xenomorphs clean into the air with little effort and breaking down metal pressure doors with a large amount of effort. In combat, Soldiers will continue fighting, or at least trying to fight large groups of opponets even when only a single Soldier is preasent.

Their heads are havily armoured for increased structural strength, allowing them to use their skulls as ramming weapons, often to force their way through doors, vent covers or other physical obstructions. Their heads also support large muscles to power their mandibles.

The Zedreomorph warriors also have an acid-storing organ in their chests, with internal tubes leading to an organ in their heads which they use to shoot acid through a hole in their foreheads. The acid is also sticky and it glues itself to it's victim, sticking on them and buring them like napalm.