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Zetta is a 9'6 Huntress that is Zel'no'di's daughter.She has the normal face of most Omega Yaujta do yellow with brown spots.She is taller than the average female Omega Yautja.She is the oldest of Zel'no'di's children.She is 453 years old.

Predatorial Halo:One Ugly Bitch

An upcoming story staring Zetta called Predatorial Halo:One Ugly Bitch is the story of Zetta hunting along side her father Zel'no'di.She faces many xenomorphs,marines,and even female Super Predators.


Like father like daughter,Zetta like her father creates weapons for herself to pick off her prey easier.These are some of the weapons she created:

  • The retractable Spine spikes(Zel'no'di is seen wearing these in the Predatorial Halo comics series on his back)
  • The retractable shoulder spikes used like wristblades.
    Predator Huntress by indyguy.jpg


When she was at a young age her father told her stories of his old hunts and how the Yautja code was very hornorable.She was told stories about their ancestors huntings of the xenomorph.She was changed forever after that.She always followed the rules that she was given.She hunts xenomorphs like most Omega Yautja do.When she was old enough she was taken to a battle arena like all Yautja do at the rite of passage.She faced many xenomorphs after the arena spikes shot up to prevent escaping.Her father watched in interest to see his daughter fight xenomorphs for the first time.After fighting hundreds of xenomorphs and many different aliens,she emerged victorious holding a Kreatorian(King preatorian)skull.She won this battle with just her hands and wristblades.After winning she was awarded a ceromonial dagger,Spear-gun,and a Combi-stick.She was also given a prototype Claive given to her by her father.She now spends most of her hunting time killing Super Predators like all Omega Yautja do.


  • Zel'no'di (Father)
  • Braiidus (Uncle)
  • Draiel (Uncle)
  • Night Viper (considered uncle)
  • Braiidus (Great-Grandfather)
  • Zerint(Grandfather)
  • Sello (Clan mate)
  • Darkra (considered uncle)


She is part of the Zexlem Clan since she is in the height range of 9'6-12'6.


  • She was once part of the Amazon Clan but didn't want to betray her father as the Amazons "mate" with the Super Predators so she left the Clan.

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