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Zexlem clan

The Zexlem is a powerful clan.Only Yautja that have hunted for centuries,claimed many skulls and have killed honorable prey can join.The clan leader of the Zexlem clan is the Yautja king known as Zel'no'di.There's only one Zexlem clan on Yautja prime.The main three of the clan is Zel'no'di,Braiidus,and Draiel.They are the most advanced weapons users.They use the weapons of the Dark Blade clan but they are bigger and stronger.The Zexlem differ in height between normal and super yautja.They can be between 9'5-12'6.Zel'no'di is the tallest of them all.


They mainly hunt the xenomorphs as prey.

Hunting Super predators

The Zexlem are much taller than even the Super predators.Zexlem members are considered a sub-species to both the normal and super predators.But they don't hunt the normal Yautja but do hunt the Super predators for hunting their smaller cousins.

Making a legend

When Zel'no'di was little his father told him stories of the Yautja history.Zel'no'di would one day make a new chapter in the history of the Yautja.He would one day create a team of super elites.These were the days of reconing for Zel'no'di as he created the Zexlem clan.

Honor system

The Zexlem clan follows a simple code.

  • Never kill civillians.
  • Help fellow hunters.
  • Kill Super Predators.(No matter the cost.)
  • Never give pity upon Super Predator prey.
  • Hunt the Super Predators.
  • Never run away from a fight.
  • Hunt the serpents.


  • White Fang Clan