Zuman are like miniature Xenomorphs, they are small but incredibly deadly. They have crested heads, like Praetorians, and are about the size of large frogs. Zuman don't have second mouths, instead their mouth are equipped with a three-pronged tongue that either sucks at skin or fluids, or it can release a deadly squirt of acid. They were created by the Kanasuka Yakuza as a test. They were going to be obliterated once the test was done, but the Zuman bred too quickly and managed to find their way into the wild. They breed asexually, producing fertilised eggs at the age of three days old. Zuman grow incredibly fast and have a lifespan of only a month, but within that month they lay about over 3000 eggs individually. In the Zuman Story, a young Zuman that was born onboard a vessel that is headed for Weyland-Yutani Labs on a different planet must survive the journey by finding things to eat, such as mice and fish, and must fight and kill enemies such as older Zuman, which are bigger, and the vessel's guards, which are mutated and tamed Xenomorphs. Once the vessel arrives at Weyland-Yutani Labs, the Zuman escapes and causes problemds in the labs, such as destroying several of the major powerlines and releasing eggs in several of the labs. When the eggs hatch, the spawn cause more problems for Weyland-Yutani. Eventually, the Zuman cause Weyland-Yutani Labs to explode and escape into the wilderness on that planet.

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